Wrentham Country Store Vendor Application

Wrentham, MA  02093

(508) 384-9051



Phone Number(s):                                                                                                    

Email Address:                                                                                                           

Website/Facebook/Instagram Page:                                                                     

What type of items/style will you be selling?:

Have you ever sold in a shop before?:                                                                  

Are you currently in any other shops?  Where?                                                 

Do you have retail experience?                                                                              

How did you hear about an available space?:                                                     

When could you start?:                                                                                            

Why do you want to be a vendor at the WCS?:

Drop off in person or email application with staged photos of your work to wrenthamcountrystore@gmail.com

Vendor Responsibilities:

1.  Pay rent on time - due 1st of every month (no % of sales taken)

2. Pay Annual Operation Dues - $25

3. Work one shift per week - day and shift to be determined

4. Attend quarterly shop meetings

5. Work 3 out of the 4 scheduled Ladies Nights & weekend special events

6. Follow the WCS on Facebook and Instagram.

There will be a 3 month trial period

Applicant Signature: